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A Walk Down Main Street
The Historic Hanner building recently went through a major renovation. Retail and commercial tenants bring business to downtown Franklin. Read about it in the news.

Avalyn Berry Swain gives her account of what life was like "Growing Up In Franklin". Read her story.

The Berry family and a Memphis developer begin looking at the farmland at the Goose Creek interchange. Read about it in the news.

The 1st Battle of Franklin on April 10, 1863 was fought on Rural Plains along Lewisburg Pike. See the Battle Map and Historic Marker.

The building with the awnings showing behind the statue is The Roberts Building on the Public Square, Franklin, TN.

My Grandfather Walter A Roberts owned the building. My Mother Sara Roberts Berry inherited it, then I in turn inherited the building.

My Father Tyler Berry Jr. had his law office on the first floor of the building for over 30 years.

Avalyn Berry Swain
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